Piano Lessons for Adults, Am I too old now?

Piano Lessons for Adults, Am I too old now?

I took piano lessons as a kid.

Lately I have been pondering the thought of taking up Piano Lessons for adults. When I was a child I definitely expressed my interest in music. Now that I’m an adult, I still have an interest in music that goes further than just listening to my favorite artists. I always have had an admiration for people who use their creativity to create music. When I was young, I did try learning different instruments and I remember it was always a battle. I had to travel to the lessons, I didn’t feel like doing my practices everyday and I didn’t like the music I had to learn. The songs my music teachers were trying to teach me were all the familiar and actually quite cliche. Who doesn’t remember “Au clair de la lune”? And who ever mention this tune as their favorite song? I certainly don’t.

No, it was not the music I was interested in as a young child and I quickly gave up. And now I regret it….

But the reason why I love the piano so much is that it is such a diverse instrument. It is not just about Beethoven and Bach and Mozart. You can play many styles of music on a piano. I mean, when I was young I was all into rock music and now I’m older I really appreciate Blues music. I enjoy spending a lazy Sunday morning in my favorite barista bar enjoying a nice cup of coffee, listening to some live easy Jazz.

Why didn’t I hold on, follow through and did my practices while I had the chance and the time? I could have been a master at the piano if I had.

More and more adults wanting to learn piano.

Apparently I’m not the only one. I encounter more and more people who are, now as adults, revisiting their childhood dream of playing an instrument, most of them wanting to play piano or guitar. So , how is that? Why are these adults with their busy lives now committing themselves to the daily task of practicing scales and arpeggios?

It has to be first the love of music, but also needing some sort of challenge. And a challenge it is. There is so much music, there is always a more difficult piece to master then the one you just learned. Even the most talented and successful piano players in the world will tell you that you are never finished learning. But the piano can also your friend as it were. It is always there and the more you learn, the more you will be able to express yourself to it. The piano will express exactly what you put in. How you are feeling and how you are doing when you are playing it. And that is a good thing. It can be a great stress reliever. It will become like talking to a good friend and the piano will take whatever you give it, it can become a very personal relationship.


So, is it possible to learn as an adult?

The other big question that comes up is often whether the adult brain is still flexible enough to learn and remember the complexities of written music.

I have a neighbor who is in her 70’s. She, like many people, had a lifelong dream of playing the piano but never had the chance. Now, after the children left the house and she lost her husband, she found herself alone and decided to take up that dream of playing piano. She bought her piano and took up lessons. I can sometimes hear her practice during the day and if she would have told me she played her whole life, I would have believed it to. And she gets tremendous joy from it.

People who bought a piano after 30 years again started practicing daily again saying things like that now they are adult they understand so much more about their own moods and that with that they are much more capable of using the music to express themselves. And that is it to, you need something to express yourselves, not everybody has that possibility in their work or everyday live. Even if it is just a little piece you can play, now that you’re older you will notice the differences every time you play it. You will be better able to listen to yourself.

There are some extra challenges maybe, your fingers are not as flexible anymore and when you are young you might learn faster. But it is definitely worth it. Especially when you set yourself a goal, a certain piece you want to master, it can be very gratifying and satisfying once you are able to play that piece. It can absolutely be a key to happiness, or 88 keys so you wish.

Advantages of learning to play the piano as an adult.

Learning the piano is in some ways easier, or should I say less challenging, than say the cello or violin. This is because the keyboard is percussive, you produce sound on a piano by striking its keys. Although the 88 keys might look daunting at first, at least as you strike one of these keys, you will know what that note will sound like. You do not have the challenge of tuning in the same way as on a violin or a guitar. The piano is bit more logical and maybe learning to play a bit doable intellectually.

When you took up the playing piano as a child, you might have done it because your parents told you. Now, as an adult, if you decide to take lessons, you do so paying for it with your hard earned money and invest your own time by your own choice.

Learning to play an instrument is also a sort of meditation, it can help you cope with the everyday stress. It gives your mind something else to be busy with besides your work. And it is not just the playing itself. It gives you something else to talk about. You will maybe want to find and read more information about the instrument and join an online community. It is also a great excuse to rekindle your interest in music. Maybe you even want to visit more live performances. In short it takes you away from the everyday grind.

Some people take up jogging or go to the gym, but half an hour of piano practice a day might have the same effect on your stress level.

And the great thing is, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

What does science say?

There is scientific proof suggesting there are definite benefits of playing an instrument. A neuroscientist, expressed that when someone plays piano his brain gets loose from the explicit, over-representational mind of the day to day life. This has its benefits for your brain, but also for your body. A study by researchers from the University de Montreal, Canada, showed that playing a musical instrument increases reaction time, so maybe playing an instrument will be helpful. for people getting older.

Joy in playing piano.

That is all nice and all, but the number one reason for taking up lessons is just the simple joy in being able to express yourself through making music. It always brings a smile to my face when I see a video on youtube of a street piano performance. And I am not the only one, if you do you a search in youtube, you’ll get 15 million results.  Check out Piano Around the World, it is absolutely amazing. Oh, and I love his little doggy.

Can you imagine yourself playing at a party with friends, or even sit yourself behind one of these public pianos, and bring a smile to people’s face? Music brings people together.

So stop making excuses and pick up piano lessons today.

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